Java IoT Car

The Challenge

Design an automotive keynote demo that showcases all of Java products and IoT. To be shown at JavaOne 2014 San Francisco then travel around the world being shown at dozens of conferences in dozens of countries. This was to include informatics screens, embedded devices and sensors, IoT gateway, IoT Server and backend JavaEE business application. To do this I needed to design a car interior and exterior that could be used for the demo. Then the informatics system UI and all the hardware for the demo. This includes software, electronics, and hardware. It all started with a dream to do a next-generation informatics UI showcasing Java.

Video of Demo from JavaOne 2014 Keynote

Photos of Demo On Stage

Making Of Photos

Gauge Cluster Screen

The gauge cluster was a 17″ HD screen which was cropped to a cluster shape. The interaction model was two touch areas on the steering wheel in which you could do swipe gestures in the 4 directions and short or long taps. That proved to be a very intuitive way of interacting with the left and right independent info areas. My colleague Mo Chicharro and I worked together on all the UI designs and interaction models. Then I coded it all in JavaFX running on an embedded Freescale IMX6 board.

Informatics Screen

The informatics screen was a 17″ portrait HD touch screen. It was designed around 2 zones which could display content for different tasks. Some of the tasks like navigation suported a second tap mode after the tab was already selected to zoom that tab to take the full screen.


Gauge Designs Artboard

For the gauge cluster sides there were different instramentation designs for each of the functions.

Early Idea of Half Car

3D Objects

3D Printed Parts

Lines of Code