Intelligent Blockchain Track & Trace

The big project I have been working on in 2019 is designing the begining of a new range of Blockchain backed SCA SaaS applications. The first one is focused around supply chain visiability across a trading partner network. I went from intial business concepts and took it to the first complete UX design deck below.

I started with a draft design, then built a prototype in about a month which we used to vet the concept with design partner customers and internal approval chain. After a great reception and much excitment from the prototype I went on to design the final UX for the MVP product and work on initial software architecture for the product.

One of the deisgn challanges was how to bring excitment and intrest to what could be perceived as boring buisness flows. Also just how to express visually a whole new segment of an application that did not exist before.

MV UX Designs

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